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High Quality Fire Alarm Cable High Quality Flame Retardant Cable High Quality Fire Cable

Per 100 Meters


  Ventcroft Standard Fire Performance Cables


NoBurn Platinum - FAQ's

Now one of the leading brands of fire cable. NoBurn Platinum fire cable is manufactured in the UK using the latest technology, materials and manufacturing equipment. Our materials and production processes are audited by LPCB and BASEC to ensure consistent reliability and quality, with each reel fully traceable by batch number and time and date of manufacture.

NoBurn Platinum is the fastest fire cable to prepare for termination with no troublesome multiple sheaths, foils or wraps to strip, NoBurn Platinum cable has superb working flexibility and stays where you put it, reducing installation time and costs.

Approved by LPCB and BASEC to meet with BS 5839-1:2002+A2:2008 Clause 26.2d Standard, BS EN 50200:2006 + Annex E 30 minutes & BS EN 50200:2006 Class PH120, NoBurn Platinum's core twists will provide the highest level of data protection, ideal for long cable runs and analogue addressable fire systems. Also certified by LPCB and BASEC to BS 7629-1:2008  & BS 6387:1994 Clause 11 CWZ including 3 hour burn test at 950°c.

NoBurn Platinum fire cable is also the most highly certified cable for use with Emergency Lighting Systems, certified to exceed BS 5266-1 2005's EN 50200 PH60 - 1 hour duration, NoBurn Platinum is certified by LPCB and BASEC to withstand to PH120 - providing 2 hours of protection. Also suitable for automatic lift doors, air conditioning and computer control where low smoke, fume and zero halogen cable is required.



Fastest Standard Fire Cable to Prepare for Termination
Easy to Install and Superb Working Flexibility
Twisted Cores to Provide High Level Data Protection
Full Size CPC (Earth Core)
Red, White & Black Outer Sheaths Available
1mm²,1.5mm², 2.5mm² & 4.0mm²
500 Metre and Special Lengths Available
Aluminium / Co-polymer Foil Screen
 Approved and Certified to meet

BS 5839-1:2002 +A2:2008 Clause 26.2d

'Standard' Fire Cable
BS EN 50200:2006 + Annex E 30 Minutes Fire Resistance Standard
BS EN 50200:2006 PH120 Fire Resistance Standard
BS 7629-1:2008 Fire Resistance Standard
BS 6387:1994 Clause 11 CWZ Fire Resistance Standard
BS EN 50267-2-1:1999 Halogen Emission Standard
BS EN 61034-2:2005 Low Smoke Standard
 Also Approved For
Emergency Lighting Standard BS 5266-1:2005
Voice Alarm Systems Standard BS 5839-8:2008
Voice Communication Standard BS 5839-9:2003
   (Risk Assessment May Demand Mechanical Protection)

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